Artist’s statement: My process

A borders way of life…

I am a landscape Artist and Printmaker living in the Scottish Borders. This often-overlooked area is rich, not only visually, but also in its history, its people and its folklore. I have explored the region by cycling and walking. I can draw many parallels and inspiration with my Art making from both of these.

Observing the surroundings

When I cycle I create Art, I can lose myself in the experience. External thoughts, worries, current events and crises are forced from my mind as I focus “in the moment” with the physicality of cycling mark-making. The immediate sights, a sudden view, a startled deer and slowly looping buzzard, the smells, wild garlic in spring, newly mown grass, the sounds, water flowing, lambs calling, all these sensations are amplified, unfiltered by extraneous clutter.

It can be hard, slowly grinding, climbing an endless hilltowards a resolution, I am focused on achieving the summit, getting over the hill, pushing against the slow rate of progress, the mental pain of a piece “not working”. Suddenly, on reaching the top, a new, exciting vista is revealed, and the pressure is off…what was almost ground to a halt now feels effortless as “everything works” and I feel exhilarated, working well, in harmony with my surroundings.

This is what I feel when out sketching and working in the studio. The Borders is an everchanging landscape that marks the seasons and encourages us to take a moment, to breathe, to allow us to experience the ebb and flow of nature.

This is what my Art is about.

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